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Our shop is located in Pécs, southern Hungary. The town is well known among industry experts as the european capital of high quality leather glove making. Many Italian and French luxury brands have their leather gloves manufactured by local artisans. This special craftsmanship dates back to 1861, when Janos Hamerli established his manufacture. Since those times, table cut glove making technology remained almost unchanged which ensures that our leather gloves behave as a second skin on hands. Noble materials, passionate craftsmen and centuries old tradition what is included in every pairs of leather gloves we sell.
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Imprint and persons responsible
Smart Controll Ltd.
Brigitta Kuller
Nagyszkoko koz 9
7635 Pecs, Hungary

VAT Number: HU13422682

Phone: +36703369702
Email: [email protected]

Janos Hamerli
Janos Hamerli

Our location

Kiraly utca 1
7621 Pécs, Hungary
Phone: +36703369702

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Die Handschuhe sind sehr gut
Die Handschuhe sind sehr gut verarbeitet und gefallen mir. Die Lieferung hätte etwas früher erfolgen können.
Doris R.

Die Handschuhe sind extrem chic
Die Handschuhe sind extrem chic aus superweichem, geschmeidigem Leder und passen perfekt. Ich habe eine riesige Freude damit!
Christine M.